Leena Taposi Khan




It’s my pleasure and privilege to announce the inaugural speech as the founder Chairman of International center for Bengali Music. Not only because it was my long cherished dream to set an international platform for the academicians but also I enjoy the duty of nurturing our potentialities. With the vision of a global foundation for those who’ve completed their post-graduation and doing higher studies in Music from different Universities ICBM is going to start its journey. Our mission is nurturing talents and encouraging our members in different fields of research based on music simultaneously prepare themselves as a performing artist.

Students those who are completed their Hons. And Masters from Department of Music of different Public and Private Universities can be the part of ICBM. ICBM will try to nurture the potentials and would try to boost their capabilities in International arena both as academicians and performers.


1. Give priorities to become a researcher and perform as an artist simultaneously.
2. Encouraging research work with enhancing members capability on research techniques and methodology to publish an International multilingual Journal yearly.
3. Releasing an album (CD) every year of ICBM members to protect ancient and archaic Bengali traditional music.
4. Arranging workshops for our members on different aspects of Music and workshops on research methodology to be a good researcher in comparison with global standards.

I am very grateful to each and every member of ICBM for their heartiest effort to make my dream to ours! Last but not least our gratefulness to our advisory committee for inspiring us to move ahead. We’re lucky to have an advisory committee full of International academicians, educationalist, and scholars. We are grateful to them.


International Center for Bengali Music (ICBM)  has started their journey as a platform to enhance the clarity and popularity of Bengali Music amongst the people all over the world who speaks Bengali as their language. To gain the utmost the ICBM is warmly working on theirs aims and objectives.

01. Those who’ve completed their higher studies such as honors, masters, M.Phil. Ph.D. in the field of Music, can join the ICBM with the consent of Chairman. They will try to establish the legacy of academic stream of Music through this organization. This group of people will try to focus simultaneously on performing music and doing fundamental research at a time.

02. ICBM will try to make official affiliation with renowned Music Universities/Institutions/Colleges all over the world in order to make an International Conservatory where generations will be groomed up to serve for the betterment of Bengali Music & Culture.

03. Those who’re eager but deprived from the light of music education. ICBM will take initiatives searching and nurturing them under the good heartiest guidance of the members so that, in future they can establish themselves as an artist.

04. ICBM will arrange seminars and workshops based on different streams of world music to make a relationship bridge between generations, between diversified cultures in order to enhance the musical quality of the members.

05. Rare genres of Bengali Music will be systematically archived by the members of ICBM. ICBM will also continue doing research finding the historical line of Bengali Music.

06. As a musical organization ICBM will try to take initiative to organize at least a monthly workshop based on music in different districts of Bangladesh.